Welcome to the BRIC Wall!

Welcome to the BRIC Wall!  The mission of this blog is to provide unique insights on patent law developments in at least the BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China.  We say “at least” because we intend to expand our discussions to other emerging market countries such as South Africa, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, etc.  Our emphasis will be primarily in the chemical and life sciences areas.  From time-to-time, patent attorneys from these countries will provide guest posts to share their perspective and unique experiences. 

 The BRIC Wall will comment on the latest law changes in these countries and provide insights and practical suggestions to help patent attorneys and agents, business people and others achieve the best possible patent strategy in these countries. 

 We want to start a conversation with those of you that have filed and prosecuted patent applications, sought regulatory approval and/or litigated cases in these countries to share your experiences – including any successes and failures.  You are invited to comment on our postings and encouraged to ask questions.

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