1.  The State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) of China has a new commissioner, Shen Changyu, Ph.D.  Dr. Shen received his Ph.D in engineering from Dalian University and has a background in national research projects and academia.  To learn more, click here.

2.  An interesting article in the Harvard Business Review looks at the prospects for increasing entrepreneurship in Africa.  The article notes that in order for an entrepreneur-lead boom to occur, entrepreneurs must transform their way of thinking.  Specifically, entrepreneurs will need to overcome their tendency to dream small (“small dreamer phenomenon”) as well as their fear of failure.  The article suggest that to do this, governments, incubators and investors will need to focus on: (1) creating better safety nets to enable failed entrepreneurs to get back on their feet; (2) educating entrepreneurs to think (and hence, dream) bigger; and (3) designing new mechanisms to promote trust between entrepreneurs and potential partners and employees.   To learn more, click here.

3.  During the past few months, the BRIC Wall has posted articles relating to biosimilar protection in several countries.  If you are interested in learning more about biosimilars in the United States, I published a chapter entitled “Helping Clients Understand Biosimilar Product Regulations and the Biosimilar Litigation Process” in Inside the Minds: Recent Developments in Food and Drug Law, 2014 edition.  A copy of the chapter is provided here Biosimilar Chapter.

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