The BRIC Wall Turns 1!

Happy birthday BRIC Wall! April 18 marks the 1st anniversary of our blog’s initial post and we want to take this moment to thank our readers, contributors and supporters during this past year. When we started, we did not know where the blog would take us and it has been an incredible journey so far – over 18,500 views from 106 countries.

We have written on a wide range of globe-spanning topics including:

  • Understanding biosimilars in Brazil, Turkey and Nigeria;
  • Data protection and patent term extension in Russia;
  • Protecting and enforcing trade secrets in China;
  • Section 3(d) of the Indian Patents Act;
  • A global perspective of patent trolls;
  • The ongoing Copaxone® story in the U.S. and India;
  • The basics of patent protection in Nigeria;
  • The time period and burden of proof requirements when requesting revocation of a patent in Kenya;
  • Obviousness in Pakistan;
  • Supplementary protection certificates and pediatric extension in Croatia;
  • Genetic heritage and traditional knowledge in Brazil;
  • Mailbox patents and the scope of prior consent by ANVISA in Brazil; and
  • A 9-part series on divisional practice in the BRIC and various other countries.

In fact, our 10 most popular posts to date have been:

1.  Section 8 of the Indian Patents Act and a Comparison with the Disclosure Requirements in Canada, Israel and the U.S.

2.  Understanding Compulsory Licenses in India – Part 1 of a 2-Part Series

3.  Section 3(d) of the Indian Patents Act – Part I

4.  The Problem of Mailbox Patents and Patent Term in Brazil

5.  Understanding Compulsory Licenses in India – Part 2 of a 2-Part Series

6.  Understanding Biologics and Biosimilars in Turkey

7. Understanding Biologics and Biosimilars in Brazil

8. Availability of Biosimilar Pathways and Data Exclusivity in Asian, Latin American and Eastern European Countries

9. Patent Trolls: A Global Perspective

10. Recent Decisions Involving Section 3(d) of the Indian Patents Act

The success of the BRIC Wall would not have been possible without the very kind and helpful assistance of our colleagues from around the world. We would particularly like to thank the following individuals and firms for giving so graciously of their time answering our questions and providing input on the various posts for the blog:

  • Gustavo de Freitas Morais and other attorneys of Danneman Siemsen
  • Ivan Shen of Shen IP
  • Nidhi Anand and Tarun Gandhi of Chadha & Chadha
  • Vladislav Ugryumov and Tatiana Lyu of Gowlings (Russia)
  • Trevor Newton and other attorneys of Gowlings (Canada)
  • Martin O’Brien, Soo Ee Lin and Kristian Robinson of Spruson & Ferguson
  • Micaela Modiano and other attorneys of Modiano & Partners
  • Katsumasa Osaki and other attorneys of Kawaguti & Partners
  • Nicky Garnett, Dario Tanziani and other attorneys of Adams & Adams
  • Canan Ozturker and Aydin Deris of Deris Patents & Trademarks Agency A.S.
  • Ufuoma Akpotaire of Nigerian Law Intellectual Property Watch
  • Igor Simoes of Clarke, Modet & Co.
  • the attorneys of Olivares & CIA, S.C.
  • the attorneys of Lee & Li
  • the attorneys of Central Intellectual Property & Law
  • the attorneys of AGIP KSA
  • the attorneys of Barreda Moller
  • the attorneys of Castellanos & CO
  • the attorneys of DePenning & DePenning
  • the attorneys of Dr. Shlomo Cohen & Co.
  • the attorneys of Ferrere
  • the attorneys of Invenco
  • the attorneys of Katzarov
  • the attorneys of Noetinger & Armando
  • the attorneys of Quevedo & Ponce
  • the attorneys of Tilleke & Gibbins

From Michael Best, I would like to thank my colleagues Lauren Falk, Laura Opperman, Julia Cox, Sansun Yeh, Paul Jenny and Wei Yan.

What does the future hold for the BRIC Wall? In our very first post, we said that our mission was to provide unique insights on patent law developments in at least the BRIC countries. We used the phrase “at least” because it was our intent to expand our discussions to other emerging market countries such as South Africa, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, etc.  In the upcoming year, we will continue to cover patent law developments in the BRIC countries and expand our discussions to other emerging countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

However, what this means is that the BRIC Wall needs you! If you have a blog post idea or would like to write a blog post, email us at (all posts are reviewed and edited). We are interested in any intellectual property and regulatory issues in the life sciences area. Any suggestions to improve this blog are always appreciated. If you liked a particular posting and wish to see more or if you did not like a posting, please let us know.

Happy birthday and thank you again to everyone who has helped make this blog a success!

This post was written by Lisa Mueller.


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